US ​Customs Release Methods

1. Border cargo selectivity 
The carrier reports the goods to US Customs with the Inward Cargo Manifest. A manifest and commercial invoice (and any other required documents) are given to the importer's designated broker. The customs broker reviews the information and prepares the release package for US customs. The carrier then takes copies of the paperwork for submission to US Customs. The package is then matched against the information from the customs broker. If there are no questions or need to examine the shipment, the goods are released for delivery.

2. Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS) 
PAPS is a release system that helps the customs broker arrange for an advance customs review and clearance prior to the shipment crossing the border. 

How does it work? 

First, the carrier forwards the customs clearance document with a carrier specific bar-coded control number to the broker. Second, the broker submits an electronic or manual release to US Customs referencing the barcode and the required release information. Third, upon arrival the driver gives the original PAPS bar-coded document to US Customs. Finally, if there's a match in the system and Customs has no questions and does not want to examine the shipment, the goods then are released. 

3. Line Release 
Line release is a fast release system designed for low risk and bulk commodities. To qualify for Line Release the customs broker submits an application to US Customs on behalf of the importer. Applications are required for each qualifying product. 

Once the approval is received from US Customs, Line Release barcodes are generated for future shipments. The exporter attaches the barcode to the top right hand corner of the commercial invoice for that shipment. The carrier submits the documents to US Customs and the goods are entered into the Customs system before they are released for delivery. The documents are then sent over to the designated customs broker for filing of the entry summary and payment of any applicable duties on the importers behalf. 

Technology drives our process for you
Our technology-driven systems mean we can take full advantage of current customs processes, releasing your goods with speed, accuracy and efficiency. 

As an exporter you can send your shipment documentation to us electronically to eliminate needless paperwork and improve release times. We can access online releasing options. This means we can help release your goods quickly and accurately, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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