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Merchants Custom House Brokerage Co. Inc.
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Atlanta customs brokers, Import Export Customs Brokerage Services. Contact MCH a US Customs Broker, Global transportation, shipping of goods by air, ocean and vessel. Freight forwarding services, next to Georgia ports also.
We offer business services in the field of foreign imports for foreign companies and domestic imports and exports for United States companies, namely United States customs compliance and clearance services. Tax consultation featuring information and advice about tax rates for imports and exports. Export and import agency services in the nature of import and export restrictions. Customs services and consultation in the nature of customs clearance services and methods of customs clearance. 

Commodities services and consultation, namely, exchange service, brokerage and quotation , Import and Export duties services and consultation, namely, duty drawbacks and reclamation of import duties for others. Insurance services and consultation featuring import and export insurance requirement compliance and administering payments for others. Arrangement for the payment of import and export taxes, storage, duties, freight, transportation, bonds, issuing letters of credit and other expenses to cover duty of goods. 
 Merchants Custom House
      Brokerage Co. Inc.
MCH is a type of transportation intermediary. MCH acts on behalf of importers and exporters to ensure that goods get through customs channels quickly and efficiently. In the United States customs brokers are licensed by the CBP, a branch of the Department of Homeland Security.
If you want a Broker that can provide individualized service and who can provide a single, constant contact, who can offer additional services such as freight forwarding and who utilize Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and software applications to manage the process, then MCH is your Customs Broker.
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You might be tempted to handle customs issues yourself, but consider this fact from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency: for every product imported in the United States, there are 500 pages of customs regulations & thousands of tariff items that need to be considered.
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 Merchants Custom House
      Brokerage Co. Inc.
 Merchants Custom House
      Brokerage Co. Inc.
Get started by using our import/export flow chart to understand the requirements for importing and exporting and how MCH can assist you.

Find information on importing and exporting into the United States & Internationally.
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